Transformation Talks

Today I was invited to speak at a Wärtsilä “Transformation Talks” session, giving a keynote and sitting on a discussion panel.

The overall theme was “Smart Tech Mindset”, and I was talking on one of my recurring bugbears: “Why Data is the new Oil”. The audience seemed very happy with my reasoning (I even raised a few laughs …). For the record:

  1. For most of recorded history it was seen as completely worthless
  2. It’s really messy and gums up everything it comes into contact with
  3. It’s amazingly toxic and if it leaks it could ruin your company’s reputation and balance sheet
  4. It is definitely not cheap and easy to make use of, there are entire industries grown up around refining it into something useful
  5. But yes, ok, I suppose if you can get past items 1-4, there is some value in it.

But for my money, Data is not the new Oil, it is the new Toil – we will all find ourselves toiling away in an industry and economy built around making use of data, and it won’t be easy, but that’s where the value is …

Lucky I enjoy mucking around in messy piles of data, really!