Tech talk Helsinki: Ad-hoc personas

Last week I found myself unexpectedly giving a talk on B2B product development. See below for the slides & a video of the presentation.

I was in Helsinki on holiday, and managed to catch up with an old friend from Cambridge startup days, Oleg Podsechin, who now lives there and runs a digital consultancy, Toughbyte. There’s a strong Finnish tech scene: the Finns are known for their strength in mobile development, but it turns out there’s a lot of local B2B-focussed action as well; startups and established companies. At Oleg’s suggestion, I pulled together a short talk for a local audience, with some recent thoughts on B2B application development (mostly cribbed from draft posts for this blog), and in particular a focus on using “ad-hoc personas” to develop your product, which is a process we went through recently in Timetric.

All of this is stuff that will make its way into one or more blog posts here at some point, but in the interim, my slides are below …

… along with a mostly flattering video of the event (if you tilt your head 90° to the right.)

As you can see, there was a good turnout – over 40 people came along, and thanks are due to LocalBitcoins for the sponsorship (ie generous quantities of Karhu & Napue!) and the venue – not to mention thanks to the audience for the hearty Helsinki welcome.

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